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Research at the UR

UR was established with the mandate to become a research-led university engaging in quality and impactful knowledge creation, which was to enable the Country to participate and contribute meaningfully to the global knowledge economy while contributing to the national development. This research direction at UR is underpinned by "UR’s Theory of Change". The theory's outcome is for UR’s research agenda to contribute to poverty eradication and the social economic transformation of Rwanda in a meaningful ways. This is being achieved through building of research capacity and research training that is rooted in strong institutional support that provides a conducive research environment for production of high-quality research undertaken by its academic staff.

Research Agenda

University of Rwanda Research Agenda will serve as a catalyst fostering and entrenching the culture of excellence in research and innovation that is responding to national, regional and global socio-economic challenges such as climate change, famine, migrations and conflict, technology and health related issues among others. Furthermore, it builds on the existing skills, knowledge and achievements at the University of Rwanda to increase publications and innovations, and suggests strategies and interventions that are needed to address current weaknesses/gaps. It will guide future research interventions, set priorities for future resource mobilization, and make University of Rwanda responsive to societal challenges by contributing evidence/data to guide policy and decision makers..

Current Opportunities

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